Sunday, December 3, 2017

Advent Blog Hop 2017

Today is Day 4 of Jo's Advent Calendar Blog Hop!

Above is a tablescape I put together featuring a few of  my finished ornaments. Some were stitched by me, others I received as gifts. 

Jo's question for this year's hop is: How do you plan to spend Boxing Day?  Do you have any traditions associated with this day?

ANS: Boxing Day is not observed here in the US, as it is in the UK and other parts of the world. We are very likely to stay at home and relax and watch sports on the television. This year I will be traveling with my family 

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November 2017: WIPocalypse

Melissa of Measi's Musing is hosting this SAL.

My list for WIPocalpse 2017 needs some major revising. but it's almost the end of the year. Soo... I'll just wait until 2018 and make a new list. Yes, though I haven't stuck to my original plan, I intent to continue with this SAL in 2018.

Here is what I accomplished in November.;

Fragments 2017  came out again, as I started on Number 5. Four of the six large flowers are almost done. Should not take to long to finish the others as well as the basket to complete this Fragment square.
Fragments 2017
Summer House Stitche Workes

A new start for me is the" Sweet Shop" by Little House Needleworks. Another area where self control when out the window. I follow Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks on Facebook. I also follow several stitchers that are LHN and CCN addicts on Instagram. Is it any wonder that I was pressured to start the Hometown Holiday Series? They twisted my arm, really they did!!
Sweet Shop
Little House Needleworks
(psst. Diane has a new series staring the end of January 2018)

Personalized Name Tree by M-Designs
 This month I stitched two name trees. Yeah!! These charts have been in the pile for a few years now. I really would like to get at least two more stitched in the next couple of weeks.
stitched with  NPI 464 Delft Blue
This tree needs to be decorated. I'm waiting on some beads that I pray will be the right shade of blue. Still trying to decide what ornament to use as the tree topper

stitched with NPI 103 Pansy Purple
Delica 11/0 , 1347: Mill Hill Star
This tree is all blinged out and ready to have the finishing completed. 
I'm so excited to get it to this point.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

November: Geese and Trees

This month I finished another ornament from my Hands On Design, 12 Days. I'm on Day 6, the Geese are laying. One egg is stitched with Krenik gold number 4 blending filament, and some beads were added to the bottom holly spray. The others won't be stitched let alone finished in the next 4 weeks. So I'm considering these an early start to 2018.  

12 Days

In the next few weeks I'll be working on some name trees for my family. I stitched 2 last month and don't even want to think of how many more I want to do. Some may not be done until next year. These two still need to be decorated (beads and a tree topper). I've started adding beads to the purple ornament.

Personalized name trees

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Name Tree

Time for gift stitching.
Several years ago I ordered some name trees from M Designs. Then the plan was to stitch these as ornaments for a family theme tree. I practiced by stitching the shortest name first. It was stitched on a piece of fabric fabric from my stash. The fabric I bought for the others is 32ct Lambswool. My finish this month was stitched with NPI 103 Pansy Purple. I need to add the beads and tree topper then these are destined for the top of the finishing pile

M Designs Name Trees

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pumpkins and Rings

I managed to get my Little House Needleworks, October stitched before the month ended. I haven't finished it yet. I would like to set up a display so that I can change the months out. Of course that would mean that I should get busy stitching the rest of the LHN Monthly Series. I loved Pricilla's white picket fence, so I stitched my fence with WDW Grits, also changed the bird to a crow/raven and stitched it with Carriage Black (I think.)
Little House Needleworks

Five Golden Rings is finally stitched. I subbed Kreinik 002 #4 very fine braid and MH 00161 seed beads for a little bling. 

Hands On Designs
12 Days
5 Gold Rings

I had a pretty good start on Autumn Harvest. I'm using a mix of fibers, since I don't have all on any one of the companies. The completed pumpkin is stitched with Sampler Threads, Burnt Orange, the other is being stitched with Crescent Colours, Pumpkin Harvest.
Autumn Harvest
JBW Designs

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Slow progress

I thought I would be reporting a finish on this today.
Little House Needleworks
I didn't quite made it. Hope to have it done this week.

The frogs came calling this week and I made little progress on my ornament.
Hands on Designs
Rings: 12 Days
Next up is my start on Autumn Harvest.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Second Week Stitching

I finished the first motif in Fragments In Time 2017. Last weekend, I also worked some on the border.  I'm happy to finish this one, it turned into a challenge trying to correct for my prior miscounting.
Fragments In Time 2017
Summer House Stitche Workes
Beth has posted a picture so the completed sampler stitched by Tomorrow's Treasure on her FB page, Summer House Stitche Workes.
This week I had another small finish. Spooky Sheep by Shepherd's Bush. I just need to add his hat, a button to his head.

Spooky Sheep
Shepherd's Bush (kit)
For some seasonal stitching, I've stared the next 12 Days Ornament and a Fall project as well. I only have the 'N' in Rings done on the ornament so no picture this time. This is my progress so far October by Little House Needleworks.
Little House Needleworks (chart pack)

 Next up is Autumn Harvest by JBW Designs. I'll be stitching on the fabric, in the background,
from my stash not sure of the name or count.

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